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Introduction to Mambu Apps

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2015 09:21AM CEST


Mambu Apps allow partners & developers a way to extend Mambu's capability and to add additional value to institutions using the platform with little effort

With Apps, developers can integrate their applications directly into the Mambu interface for a simple and seamless user experience. Applications can be generic or contextual: appearing in locations such as client profiles, reporting (as in the screenshot above), or for individual accounts.

The Apps framework is at the heart of our vision and values for a microfinance ecosystem: creating an open platform where our partners around the world can create integrated solution for financial institutions and to connect them to opportunities around them. Mambu Apps recognizes its impossible to imagine all the opportunities our partners and institutions may have in their local markets and more importantly, these will quickly change and evolve over time. The applications framework enables institutions to take advantages of these changes quickly and affordably by working with local partners and developers.

Use Cases

To give a feel of the potential of developing with Mambu Apps, here are a few of the projects being undertake in various markets.

Credit Scoring

When viewing a client in Mambu, automatically being able to see their credit information being fed in from a local or national third party provider. Within a network, an internal credit-scoring or over indebtedness system can be easily created as well.

Mobile Money

Integrated reporting and analytics of a mobile money provider's usage and reporting into Mambu for a seamless transaction trail.

Regulatory Reporting

With the rapid adoption of standard practices like XBRL tools for generating and automatically submitting regulatory reports on time and on schedule can be built to vastly increase transparency and reduce human errors and opportunity for fraud.

Peer to Peer Lending

With the rise of services such as Kiva & Deki and new P2P and crowdfunding online services, developers can build Apps into Mambu which allow financial institutions to integrate their P2P activity with their other financial services.

Insurance Products

Working with insurance companies, financial institutions can offer their clients essential insurance products, seamlessly integrated with the rest of their financial portfolios. An app can be used to connect the institution with the insurance providers with full automated data flow.

Business Process Automation

Mambu has a tasks and workflow framework which can be vastly extended with a business process modeling application which captures the unique workflow of organization and automates the creation of tasks, sending of notifications to clients or other business processes.

Social & Health Services

Using Apps, developers can support organizations who provide more than just financial services. NGOs who provide also social and health services can easily have apps developed which would give them a single client-centric view of their clients and service.

Human Resources

Create apps which help financial institutions manage and grow their vast staff including automated commissions, managing calendars .


Mambu Apps, much like Facebook Apps, Mambu Apps give a working canvas from Mambu to a developer's application within an iframe. Developers create, runs and maintain their application separately from Mambu using any platform or programming languages they like.  Applications are then defined using an XML file which describes the layout, endpoints and extension points of an application;
Tenants install an application by pointing to the XML file, and explicitly add application and granting it access to the permissions it requests. The Apps then securely communicate using a private secret key as well as the standard API credentials. Financial institutions administrators alwaysremain in control and can disable or uninstall an application.
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